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A 12-month calendar of the year ahead, describing all major peaks of influence, when & how they will affect you and the various facets of your life: career, partners, finances , health, travel, and so forth. (The influences include planetary transits, progressions, eclipses, & ingresses).

Basic Forecast: $25 per 12-month period. The report is 8 to 12 pages, depending on how busy the planets are.
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Full Forecast: $50 per 12 month period. The longer report is 15-25 pages and includes more detail, more influences, a summary, and answers to any specific questions you may have. Buy Now


A general but in-depth report with a spiritual slant, based on your birth-chart and planetary positions. Attention is given to personality, talents, and life potentials, with advice regarding any weaknesses or negative tendencies. But your path of personal fulfillment is the main focus. Includes a consideration of your future, and the effects of past lives.

Cost: $50. Length: 15-20 pages, depending on accuracy of birth-time.

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A detailed evaluation of compatibility between two people based on a comparison of their birth-charts. This can be any type of relationship: between lovers, friends, business partners, family members, or whatever. Positive and negative or "challenging" potentials are given equal treatment, and the overall situation is rated according to the degree of harmony and productivity that's possible.

Cost: $50. Length: 12-25 pages, depending on completeness of birth data. (Birth data for two people are required). Buy Now


Whatever the plan -- opening a business. moving into a new home, a wedding, setting off on a journey or expedition, film premiere, concert, or an important meeting or dinner date -- timing can enhance the result. Just let us know the nature of the event and the period(s) of time that you wish considered, and we will calculate the most auspicious 'windows of opportunity'.

Cost: $35 per event.
please remember to follow up with event details by email!
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A global, national, regional, and local consideration of your planetary influences from a geographical perspective. Especially useful for travel & vacations, or choosing a new location for a business, work, studies, retirement, or just a better place to live. Includes lists of key places and lines of influence; also hot spots, communities, or sacred sites in regions of special interest. You may have this report focus on certain areas for closer scrutinty, if you wish. (An accurate birth-time, preferably correct to within several minutes is required. For a birth-time correction, see RECTIFICATION).

Cost: $50. Length: 10-20 pages, depending on the number of special regions you wish evaluated. Buy Now


If you are not sure of your birth-time but believe it to be correct within half an hour or so, a more exact time can be calculated from major events in your life. This is especially useful for an astro-geographical report, but also for greater accuracy in dating peaks and potential events in forecasts. Other reports also benefit. Rectification requires a careful examination of important dates in your life, so you should have at least half a dozen dates checked & ready before ordering this service . And the more key dates you have, the more reliable will be the result.

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An enhancement of any chart -- especially natal & progressed horoscopes -- that provides a galactic or cosmic perspective beyond that of the usual planetary realm. This report considers all 88 constellations and the influences of certain bright stars in your life, drawing on ancient myths, metaphysics, and the physical characteristics of these stars, such as colour and distance. Their effects are classified & described according to your spherical Life Mandala. Based on whole-sky astrology and the seven primal Directions of Space, this look at your highest (or deepest) spiritual potentials brings the lights of the celestial background into keener Earthly awareness. An accurate or rectified birth-time is required).

Cost: $50. Length: 10-16 pages. (Includes star maps). Buy Now


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Prices are in Canadian dollars.